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She Is Not Alone

"She Is Not Alone" is a beautiful original watercolour art piece that depicts a woman sitting on top of the world. The woman's serene expression and relaxed posture convey a sense of inner peace and contentment.

It is a powerful reminder of the deep connection that exists between human beings and the natural world. As we celebrate Earth Day, this artwork serves as a poignant reminder that when we are connected to Mother Earth, we are never truly alone. The vibrant colors and intricate details inspire viewers to appreciate and cherish the beauty of the planet we call home.

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Digital Art Print

Connection Is Magic

This piece expresses the themes of femininity, connection, and unity. The women's bodies intertwine in a graceful and fluid manner, conveying a sense of harmony and collaboration. The use of bold and vibrant colours enhances the beauty and power of female connection. It is a thought-provoking piece that celebrates the strength and magic of women coming together.

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Watercolour Art Print

Breath Of Existence

This artwork is a celebration of the intricate web of life that links us to the Earth, the Universe, and spirituality. Expressing how all living things are united by a common breath, or life force. 

At the center of the piece is a beautifully rendered image of a woman and wolf intertwined, representing the embodiment of all existence. The balance between dark and light, masculinity and femininity, life and death

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Gift Cards

A prepaid card that can be purchased and used to buy various types of artwork available on the online store. These gift cards are the perfect gift option for anyone who loves art, as they allow the recipient to choose the pieces they want to purchase, making it a personalized gift.

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Commission Work

I am currently taking commission work. If you are interested in getting more information please check out my request form.

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Hi, I’m Alora

Alora Biram is a talented artist hailing from Regina, Saskatchewan. From a very young age, Alora has been passionate about creating and expressing herself through various mediums. She possesses an innate talent for bringing her vision to life, and her work is a testament to her creativity, passion, and dedication to her craft.

Alora's art is inspired by her belief in female empowerment, and she uses her work to showcase the beauty and strength of the female form. Her art is a celebration of femininity and womanhood, and she aims to inspire women to feel confident, powerful, and comfortable in their own skin.

As an early childhood educator, Alora is deeply invested in the idea that connection is humanity's greatest gift. She infuses this belief into her art, creating pieces that evoke a sense of connection, community, and togetherness.

Alora is constantly striving to grow and learn as an artist. She is always exploring new techniques, experimenting with different mediums, and seeking inspiration from the world around her. Her passion for art is contagious, and her work is a true reflection of her love for creativity.

  • Camden

    I’ve always loved having a collection of unique item from artists. The Subtronics piece that was painting for me from Alora, is and will probably be, the coolest thing I own. Anyone that knows dupstep recognizes it immediately and asks where I got it. Couldn’t be happier with it, amazing artwork!

  • Drake

    I was looking for good gift ideas when I tumbled onto these art pieces. I ended up getting a gift for my grandmother and she was very impressed with the art. She also commented on how professional it was wrapped and delivered. After hearing that, I gifted another piece to a loved one. I received great feedback as well. Everything was first class from the start, I highly recommend this artist!